A Look at the Iconic Italian Label, C.P. Company

Founded in 1975 by Massimo Osti, C.P. Company is an iconic Italian label that has become synonymous with functional fashion. Over the years, their designs have evolved from casual garments to more technical pieces, combining elements of sportswear and military-style garb into a unique streetwear aesthetic. Today, C.P. Company is one of the most sought-after labels in menswear, so let’s take a closer look at what makes this brand so special!

C.P. Company’s signature style is all about blending form and function with an emphasis on quality fabrics and details that can stand up to everyday wear and tear (and then some). The label uses high-performance materials such as GORE-TEX and Cordura®, but also works with luxurious fabrics like cashmere and cotton twill for more formal looks. There are even pieces with reflective accents for those who prefer a more futuristic style!

One of the most recognizable features of C.P. Company clothing is their trademark lens detail on jackets, shirts, sweatshirts, and other outerwear items—a feature that was first introduced in 1989 as part of the label’s “Goggle Jacket” collection. These lenses serve both a practical and aesthetic purpose; they protect against wind and weather while also adding a distinctive touch to each garment that sets it apart from other brands’ offerings.

The label’s iconic logo—a stylized “CP”—can be found on every item they produce, from t-shirts to hats and beyond as a mark of quality assurance for customers looking for reliable apparel that won’t let them down when it matters most. This logo has become so recognizable over the years that fans have taken to wearing it proudly as a way to show their loyalty to this beloved Italian label!

From its humble beginnings in 1975 to its current status as one of the most sought after labels in menswear today, C.P company has come a long way over the past four decades! With their commitment to creating well made garments out of high quality materials combined with unique details such as their trademark lens detail and iconic logo, it’s no wonder why this brand continues to capture attention season after season! Whether you’re looking for something practical or stylish or both—Cp company is sure to have something that fits your needs perfectly! So what are you waiting for? Get shopping today!