How David Dobrik Lost 14 Million Dollars on Tesla Stock

Back in November 2017 David Dobrik bought 1 million dollar’s worth of Tesla Stock.
I bought 15000 shares at $65 per share. He shared this on his Podcast “Views” back then.

His reason was that he loved his own Tesla so much and expected great things from the company.
His reasoning is like many Tesla investors. After driving the car the see that it’s nothing like any other car they have driven and the want to become investors.

Everybody told him it was a bad idea

Right after he bought in, the stock took a 7% dive over a few days. Any seasoned Tesla investor knows that the stock is very volatile, and this happens all the time.

His banker told him it was a buy idea, his friends told him it was a bad idea. The only person who told him it was a good idea was a Tesla employee.

David did what many has done. As soon as the stock bounced back he sold making a cool 7000 dollars.

The Value of Tesla Stock Today

Today the stock price is 930 dollars per share.
That means 15000 shares is worth 14 million dollars today