Tesla VS Volkswagen | Who Makes The Most Per Sold Car?

Tesla VS Volkswagen

Who Makes The Most Per Sold Car?

Who makes to most profit per car sold. Tesla or Volkswagen?

Let’s take a look at the latest numbers that are from the third quarter deliveries of 2021. This will give us a clear idea of how much profit each company makes per car sold.

Tesla sold 241.300 cars and Volkswagen sold 1.973.000 cars. Tesla made a profit of $1.62 billion and Volkswagen made $2.9 billion. Let that sink in. Volkswagen sold 8 times as many cars but didn’t even make twice the profit. The sold 800% cars compared to Tesla and made 80% more profit. If we divide 1.62 billion with 241.300 we get a result of 6700 dollars per car sold by Tesla. When we divide 2.9 billion with 1.97 million we get 1470 dollars per sold card by Volkswagen

Tesla: $6700 per car sold.
Volkswagen: $1470 per car sold

That means that Tesla made 4.5 times Volkswagen per car sold in the third quarter of 2021. These numbers should make every Volkswagen invester think twice. At the moment VW are only making a profit on ICE cars, and here they are selling less each year as the EV are taking up more marketshare each year.